A School for life

Edition 24

A School for life

Edition 24



A School for life

A School that you will always want to come back to

Through the recently created Office of Admissions and Graduates, we establish close relations with those who have been in our classrooms because they are important members of our Educational Community.

Opting for the IB

All of our students have been enrolled in the International Baccalaureate - IB program for the last 3 years. The high academic level and the dedication to our students´ personal development are some of its benefits.

A desired cello

In 2018, the Deutsche Schule Medellín community, through the solidarity program, granted Jhorjimar Castellanos a wish. This is how our Institution maintains its purpose to change lives.

English as a third language

Mateo Restrepo studies in the US because he got a sports scholarship in that country. His English level and his IB diploma helped him get it.

Exchange programs without having to travel.

Students from Klasse 8 have video calls with students from German schools on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We restored our grand piano.

A few days ago, we celebrated the restoration of our grand piano with a concert. It was donated to our School 31 years ago. 

Didacta Fair

Carola Windmüller, our Administrative and Financial Director, represented our School at the Didacta Fair, the biggest fair in the world specialized in training and education.

Our team at the Humboldt Games

The Humboldt Games started in 1981 as an initiative that fosters sports and cultural exchange between students from the Andean Region: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia.

Recycling in Germany

Experts say that Germany is one of the best recyclers in the world. It is a part of their culture, just another habit in their everyday life.

“Music makes you wonder.”

One of our graduate students participated in a social musical project led by Deutsche Radio Philarmonie and Institución Músico-Social 2.


Six steps towards good financial health

We asked Jaime Jaramillo, Emotional Finance coach, to tell us the steps to achieving good economic health in 2023. These are his suggestions:

Use Instagram to practice German.

One of the best ways to learn a language is to experience it in different scenarios. This time, we’ll give you five Instagram accounts that can help you practice your German.

How to treat people in positions of authority in Germany

If you speak German, it will be easier for you to move, study and work in Europe. German is the mother tongue of 130 million people in that continent. It is recognized as the official language in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. And it is a part of the official languages in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

I’m a student because I like it, not because it´s my responsibility.

By: Emilia Pineda Mesa, student from Klasse 8D.

School ends at 3:10 p. m., but I don’t stop learning.

A brief history of our grand piano

This majestic instrument has been in our school for over 30 years. It was donated by Luz Edith David de Schläger, a woman from Cali who has been living in Germany for 40 years. She came to Medellín once and heard the Head of Deutsche Schule Medellín say that the school did not have a grand piano.

Enjoy Musiknacht

Around 1,355 people got to enjoy Reise in die 80er -A Trip to the ‘80s- last November. It was a show full of music, theater, and dance, in which 320 artists (students, teachers, graduated students, and other guests) showed their talent on stage.

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