Students Support Network

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Students Support Network

The integral formation of our students involves their process and development from different areas: personal, social, physical, mental, and academic. For this reason, we have different units and teams of trained professionals to support and accompany them daily during their 14-year journey in our School.

One of these is the Counselling Department, composed of psychologists -one per section- from which guidance and counselling is provided to students, parents and teachers, taking into account the human being and the impact that some circumstances may have on coexistence and the development of the school´s project, also contributing to education for peace, training in citizenship skills, development of identity and appreciation of differences, and promoting to learning and the acquisition of skills such as self-regulation- and autonomy.

This work is complemented by the job done by the Coordination of School Coexistence, with which transversal projects are planned and carried out, implementing strategies of prevention, intervention and action with the aim of helping to build an environment guided by the principles of respect and tolerance inside and outside our Campus, being an essential component for life as an Educational Community.

For physical care, we have the Nursing service, in which health professionals pay attention to our students, focusing as a dependency on prevention and promotion in this area, which involves self-care and the option of healthy lifestyles.

From an academic aspect, we provide support to those students who have not achieved their goals, through personal academic counseling and group leveling, provided by the teachers of our School, in hours outside the academic day and that not have additional cost. In these spaces they work on the conceptual gaps or procedural difficulties that have arisen in the subjects.

Counseling and International Affairs Office accompanies Oberstufe students on their last scholar years, for to give them advice on higher education in superior studies in Colombia and Germany, as well as in other universities and institutions around the globe. Thus, they can learn and analyze the different options, based on their interest, abilities, and vocation.

As part of the experiences that contribute to the strengthening of knowledge and competencies of our students, we promote activities such as the Business Experience, where they have the opportunity to learn about the daily work of professionals in the areas of their interest, for one or several days; the internship in the German Parliament -Bundestag-, where they accompany, for two weeks, the work of a parliamentarian, or the Deutsche SchülerAkademie, a students academy in Germany that seeks to promote learning in an intercultural space, attending special courses for one week.

For the development of our activities we count on the important support of local, regional and national government authorities, which contribute with the execution of our action plans, such as the Secretary of Education and Personería de Itagüí. In addition, to the support we receive from the German Government, through the Central Office for German Schools Abroad -ZfA-, the German Embassy in Colombia, the German Consulate in Medellín, as well as the cooperation with the German schools in Colombia in Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cali, schools in the city that are friends and other institutions and organizations that contribute and accompany the planning and implementation of specific projects, which allow us to consolidate and strengthen our offer and the experience of our students in the School.

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