The School


Anke Käding | Dean/Rector

Welcome to our school!

With a background of 50 years, we continue to ratify our principle: the holistic education of children and young people characterized by their analytical, critical, international and intercultural vision.

We are an institution of the Corporación Colegio Alemán, a nonprofit organization, founded by German and Colombian families who, in 1968, opted for the the implementation of German pedagogy in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley.

Since 1979, we have been recognized, certified and sponsored by the German government, within the framework of the bicultural agreement between the two nations, fulfilling all quality education requirements and demands which govern in both countries.

We work as a team, with empathy and mutual respect based on the appropriation of values. We seek for development of our entire Educational Community and permanently evaluate our institutional practices to offer an excellent educational service.

Our students, during the 14 school years of schooling (Prekinder to 12th grade), experience a permanent immersion in the German culture and language, live significant experiences that support the holistic education process, and obtain international education which prepares them to face the challenges of a globalized world, conceiving themselves as citizens of the world.

Our educational model seeks to train in autonomy, critical thinking, and respect for difference. We understand the learning process from the development of competences, and we accompany each student from the different rhythms and ways of acquiring knowledge.

At the end of their schooling, our students can achieve the International Baccalaureate Organization -IBO- diploma, the Academic Diploma awarded by the Colombian Ministry of Education, the Deutsches Sprachdiplom certificate -DSD- of competence in the German language (level B2/C1) and the certificate of standardized tests in English (level B2/C1).

We are a non-denominational educational institution, calendar A and our schedule is from 7:00 a.m. to 4:20 p.m., according to the developmental stage of the students and their activities.

Our Accreditations

We are part of the network of close to 140 German Schools abroad, regulated by the Central Office for German Schools in Bonn, Germany, which is attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the German Government.

In 2019, we renewed our accreditation as a “German School of Excellence Abroad”, which was first granted in 2012 and with which the German Government certifies our educational process.

We are also part of the Association of German Schools Abroad, which enables us to accompany and evaluate our processes as peers, and which, as an organization, represents the interests of German schools in society and the institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany.

We are an International Baccalaureate World School -IB-. Since 2009, we have been teaching the Diploma Program, which allows our students to obtain the International Baccalaureate diploma and certificates endorsed by more than seven thousand higher education institutions worldwide.

Our campus

We are located in Ditaires, in the municipality of Itagüí, a town nearby Medellín, in an area of more than 75.000 square meters where contact with nature predominates, an ideal environment where movement is part of and strengthens the learning process. In addition to the classrooms, our facilities include general and children´s libraries, laboratories, computer rooms, art rooms, sports facilities (soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, coliseum, swimming pool and athletics track), an Autonomous Learning Center, music rooms and the Auditorium Maximum, a space for art and culture.

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