Education in Human Values

formacion de valores


Education in Human Values

We understand the formation of our students as an integral process that involves different areas which include both the achievement of academic goals and their development as human beings, people who recognize themselves as citizens: active members and participants of a society.

Thus, by means of different strategies, through joint work from the curriculum -with the inclusion of the subject of Ethics and Values- and from different departments, actions are implemented with which we seek to make our campus and our Community a territory of democratic values. 

An essential part for the education of world citizens involves key aspects such as respect and tolerance, values and strategic skills for understanding and relating to others, based on the acceptance of differences. In the same way, we value and inculcate solidarity in our students from an early age with actions that encourage closeness to other realities, which contribute to the development of empathic beings who are aware of the needs of others.

Institutionally, we work through the Solidarity Program in which, with the support of volunteer parents and the Parents' Association -Asopacal-, activities and actions are planned and promoted in favor of underprivileged communities. Thus, with the commitment of all the members of our School, we support the María Josefa Escobar Educational Institution and its branch, Juan Echeverri Abad in Itagüí, where children and young people benefit through projects such as the Martial Music Band and scholarships for higher/university studies.

In the same way, every year, to commemorate Christmas, we unite around the Tree of Wishes, an activity that seeks to fulfill the dreams of hundreds of children in the Aburrá Valley, to make this season unforgettable, showing that solidarity is present in the DNA of our Educational Community.

Within the school project, our students have the possibility of living different experiences, which allow them to broaden their vision of the world and put into practice their values and their most human side. That is why one of the most representative moments is the participation, in Klasse 8, in the Environmental Training and Cultural Integration Project in Isla Fuerte, in the Colombian Caribbean. A population with which we have been working for more than two decades and with which our students share, with the aim of supporting children and young people both in the development of academic activities and in social integration and exchange.

Not only are values fundamental, but also the development and strengthening of positive attitudes such as self-control and listening, which are worked on in a transversal way, among others, with the guidance of the strategies planned by the Coordination of School Coexistence, as part of the process of promotion and prevention, to make our school a space of healthy coexistence.

In these ways, we form human beings with integrity, respect and responsibility towards their environment and society, always putting people first and fostering an awareness of the possibility that each person has to have a positive influence on the world, reflecting what characterizes us as an institution and a community.

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