General Information

Auditorium Maximum

We understand music, culture and art as a fundamental part of the expression and construction of the social fabric and memory.
With this as a premise, in 2011 our Auditorium Maximum was opened, a space that seeks to exalt artistic expressions and which serves as a stage for the formation of our students and the community in general, as a platform for the exhibition and appreciation
of talent.

Inspired by large venues in Germany, it is composed of different spaces:

The Auditorium


The Auditorium, a 710 m2 concert hall with unparalleled acoustics and capacity for 581 people. In its characteristic circular structure, the stage is located in the lower central part and the seating is distributed around it, in 360°. The general height is 13 mt and the internal height - from the acoustic clouds - is 8.5 m.
8 sound-proofed music rooms


Auditorio por dentro
Forum Expositivo
The Exhibition Forum


The Exhibition Forum with capacity for 200 people, ideal for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, concerts, readings, among other artistic and
academic activities. It can be used as a complete space or divided into
up to three smaller spaces.

For public attendance we have 200 parking cells, distributed in two parking lots belonging to the College campus.


1 Allen & heath GLD 80 sound console.
1 stage box 24 in-8 out.
5 Work 400 W speakers.
3 Sennheiser EW 135 G 3 microphones.
8 Audiothecnical ATW-701 leatherette headset microphones.
5 SM57 microphones.
5 SM58 microphones.
5 Behringer WPL 1A 400 W ULTRA-ID passive direct boxes.
Professional lighting systems.
Martin Light Jockey Interface + M touch console.
4 wash led swivel heads.
6 spot led.
Video system.
2 video beams of 7000 lumens.
1 video beam of 3000 lumens on stage.
1 structural rear projection screen 3.66 x 2.74 m.
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