Holistic education



Holistic Education

The academic formation of our students is complemented by offering subjects and leisure activities -ATL- provided by the Music, Arts and Sports Schools. These learning activities, contribute to the discovery and strengthening of skills and abilities, which in turn, promote the development of the entire brain and broaden the perspectives in other fields of knowledge, elements that are promoted by and from individual choices and abilities.

School of Music

With over 20 years since its planning and implementation, our Music program is integrated into the school life of our students with its introduction from Prekindergarten. Thus, from the base, early music education also allows for the development of the hearing ability, which benefits language learning and acquisition.

In Klasse 3, within the academic curriculum, the first approach to the instruments is made: strings and winds (woodwind and brass), so in Klasse 4, the process of individual instrument assignment can be carried out, and since then, classes are given by teachers specialized in each of these instruments. In addition, with their participation in the -ATL´s- students have the opportunity to master the technique of their chosen instrument, and also be part of the different projection groups: String Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Choir and Rock Band.

In Klasse 8, after receiving the basic training and having had the opportunity to explore during the previous years, students choose, for their curricular plan, between Music or Arts.

As a way of showing the musical progress and the skills developed by our students, every year there are Talent Shows -Die Talentschau- in each section, where students show their artistic skills, and the -Musiknacht- (Music Night), a concert in which the projection groups´ students participate along with graduates and teachers; about 300 musicians on stage present a show dedicated to a special theme, where music is the protagonist.

School of Arts

In Kindergarten, children begin a creative exploration process, and then, in Klasse 1, they begin the Arts academic program. In this area, they develop artistic technique and sensitivity, creativity is encouraged, skills are strengthened and understanding of other cultural manifestations is fostered. During Grundschule and Mittelstufe sections, Arts is part of the subjects taught in German (DFU).

This work is complemented by Cultural ATL´s, in which students can choose between different artistic techniques, dance and theatre, allowing them to experiment with different materials and explore their likes and abilities, so that, when they arrive at Klasse 8, they can choose, for their academic hours, between Arts and Music.

In order to present and acknowledge our students’ talent, the Art Show is held, a space where the works done during class and ATL hours are presented to the Educational Community.

School of Sports

From Prekindergarten to Klasse 12, Sports is a subject present in the curriculum. Just like with the knowledge acquisition, the development and strengthening of physical skills are of great importance, and for it, a continuous model is established, which contributes to the learning process and techniques required for each sport discipline.

From Prekindergarten to Klasse 4, this subject is taught in German, thus supporting the training process in the second language.

Within the curriculum, special emphasis is given to track and field, volleyball, swimming and basketball, disciplines in which the school delegations participate in the National Games, held every two years among the German schools in Colombia, and in the Humboldt Games, held with the same frequency and in which the German schools in the northern region of South America take part.

In Sports ATL´s, students have the opportunity to develop, strengthen and practice their skills in the above-mentioned sports, as well as in other disciplines such as taekwondo, soccer or gymnastics.

As part of the spaces that promote the different activities developed in our Schools, cultural, academic and sports exchanges are carried out, with the staging of musical works between schools in the Aburrá Valley, the participation in different tournaments, championships and friendly matches with other institutions, the programming of field trips focused on higher education and aimed at art in its various expressions are also done, and all of those, allow our students not only to test their skills but also to develop their social dimension.

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