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It depends on the school grade/section in which the student is. The usual day is from 7:20 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Free time activities -ATL- with Klasse 7 to 12 students, and leveling, are from 3:10 to 4:20 p.m.
In the Ditaires sector, in the municipality of Itagüí, belonging to the metropolitan area of the city of Medellín. An environment where contact with nature prevails, which facilitates movement and the learning process as well.
We are calendar A. We begin school activities in January and end in November.
We are a non-denominational educational institution.
From 4 to 18 years old.
We have about 1,100 students distributed in four academic sections: Kindergarten, Grundschule, Mittelstufe and Oberstufe, which group the 14 school grades, each of which is made up of four parallel groups.
We belong to the network of about 140 German Schools Abroad certified by the Central Office -ZfA-, based in Bonn, Germany. We also belong to the network of IB World Schools, in accordance with the agreement signed between the International Baccalaureate Organization -IBO- and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany -KMK- on March 10, 1986.
We teach Spanish as the mother tongue, German with a bilingual approach and English as a foreign language.
The learning of this language, from a young age, helps to build skills for the later acquisition, more easily, of other languages. Furthermore, it allows students to have greater possibilities of mobility abroad, as well as to establish intercultural relations and receive knowledge originating in Germany as well as other German speaking countries, also considering that Germany is understood as the motor of the European economy. Learning the language makes it possible to understand the historical, social, and political aspects of the country and the region, understanding that access to a good education is the basis for the wealth, in all areas, of a nation.
To guide themselves, adapt and integrate into another culture, to communicate with people from different cultures and to respect and tolerate other beliefs and concepts of life, fundamental factors for development in a globalized world.
At the end of their schooling process, our students reach level B2/C1 in English.
Our students receive an education guided by democratic values, which emphasize their perception of themselves as citizens, active participants in a society. Thus, during their process at our School they develop and strengthen characteristics, skills, and competences such as respect, tolerance and solidarity.
Through an institutional approach of differentiation, in which through various activities and projects, the recognition of the importance of differences is encouraged. This is applied within the classrooms, in each of the classes and with programs such as the School Mediation program, in which trained students address situations of coexistence among their peers.
The School offers this service in partnership with a school transportation company, guaranteeing compliance with current regulations. It can be taken full day (round trip) or half day (one way).
The service is provided in alliance with a specialized provider. For Kindergarten students, lunch is included as part of the educational costs. In the other sections, it is voluntary for the families.
The only compulsory uniform is the Sports uniform, which consists of a T-shirt and a lower garment (lycra, shorts or sweatshirt). We have other institutional garments, but these are purchased and used voluntarily.

Prekindergarten Admissions

They are subject to the year of birth of the child applicants. Each year in August we begin a new admissions process. Children are admitted when they turn 5 years old or to turn 5 years old during their first school year.  Updated information on the active process and upcoming processes can be found in the Prekindergarten Admissions section.
In August we open the registrations, which take place until October. Once the registration process has been completed and the documentation has been uploaded successfully, the interviews with the applicant parents take place. From January to March, the following stages are carried out: visit to the applicant in the children's center he or she attends - if he or she does so - and a play day. The process ends with the analysis by the Admissions Committee in March and the response to the families in April.
If they are not current school families, the applicant parents must attach three letters of reference, preferably from members of the German School Network Educational Community, current families, graduates, or former employees. The form is available during the registration process for download and completion.
The following documents are currently requested and will be uploaded to the platform after completing the form: Civil registry of the birth/Birth certificate of the applicant child. Tax return (both parents) or, if not declaring, certificate from the tax accountant with copy of the professional license. Work letter (both parents) or, in case of not being employed, certificate of the accountant of the work activity they carry out or if they have their own company; attach documents to certify it. Current passport size photos of parents and applicant.  
The Admissions Committee current defined number is 84 places per process.

Admissions to other grades

Yes, we call this the extemporaneous admissions process. This is subject to the current available quotas according to the grade of the applicant. More information about this process can be found in the section Admissions to other grades.

Financial and Costs Information

Educational costs depend on the school year and the specific grade. Parents interested in Prekindergarten admissions can consult the reference information by clicking HERE. The costs for admission to other grades are given directly to the interested family by the Administrative and Financial Director.
No. In order to enter the School, the Admissions Process form must be paid, for participation rights, which for 2021 has a value of $220,000 and, once accepted, the reservation of a place, which has a cost close to the value of the registration fee.
We have the "Little Brother Scholarship", which is granted from the second child in school: when the youngest sibling enters Prekinder, the benefit of a discount on the monthly fees for that first year only is given. We also have the Excellence Scholarship, awarded to students with the best average in their Section - Grundschule, Mittelstufe and Oberstufe - and for the best result in the German tests - A2 in Klasse 7, DSD I in Klasse 9 and DSD II in Klasse 11.
Yes, there is a 5% benefit on specific days in December, after the registration period, when payment for the following year's educational services is enabled.
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