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At the Deutsche Schule Medellín we are happy to have staff characterized by their commitment, their interest in constant learning and their teamwork, which allows us to achieve the goal of educating children and young citizens of the world.

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It informs you that in compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 "By which general provisions are issued for the protection of personal data" and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, it requests permission for the processing (collection, storage, use and circulation to third parties) of personal data of the participant in the selection process conducted by the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN).

The data that will be processed by the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN) are the following: name, surname, date of birth, type and number of identity device, home address, e-mail address, home or work phone, cell phone, city of residence. Also, the curriculum vitae, the results of the entrance health examinations, the psycho-technical tests and the interviews, and any information associated with the selection process, are subject to treatment.

The above personal data, for which the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN) is responsible, may be used by the latter for the following purposes: a) To evaluate its suitability, taking into account the characteristics of the vacancy required to be hired. b) To give the data to third parties in charge of the selection processes. c) To keep the personal data for possible future personnel selection processes.

As the owner of the personal data, you may exercise your rights to know, update, rectify, modify, access or request the deletion of a data or revoke the authorization granted, by submitting a request, query or complaint by e-mail to [email protected], or by means of a physical document sent to Carrera 61 #34 - 62, Itagüí, clearly specifying the personal data related to your request along with the action required by the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN). At you will find the manual of personal data processing policies of the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN).

By virtue of the above, you AUTHORIZE the CORPORACIÓN COLEGIO ALEMÁN (DEUTSCHER SCHULVEREIN) to process your personal data in accordance with the above.