Intercultural Education



Intercultural Education

The significant experiences that our students live begin with the coexistence, integration, and interrelation of different cultures in our campus. In an environment that promotes openness and seeks to form citizens of the world, language learning and the International Baccalaureate are key, as well as the different activities proposed in the curriculum, which generate a permanent immersion.

The contact of our students with Germany takes place for the first time since their entrance to the School, in the Kindergarten, through the exchange with their teachers, learning the basics and characteristics of the language, and developing activities that exalt traditions and customs, for later when they arrive to Klasse 6 (11 to 12 years old), they have the opportunity to make a first group trip, accompanied by school employees, and which for three weeks the academic and cultural aspects are complemented, allowing a connection to be generated with the country, travelling and interacting without fear, starting from the strengthening of the communicative skills in the language.

In Klasse 10 (15 years old) after another couple of years in education years, they go on the academic trip to Germany, which can last from six months to a year and in which the integration with the culture is done in a full way, by living and attending classes in German schools. There, individually, they perfect their knowledge of the language, strengthen social and intercultural skills, experience a process of adaptation and live a unique experience, which allows them to discover the country, it’s landscapes, it’s customs and understand other realities, from the interaction, which impacts positively on the development of their personality, learning also to solve challenges independently.

As an institution, we are ambassadors and promoters of Germany, and during the education process of our students we encourage them to choose this country as the place for their higher education. Therefore, during the last academic years, they have the opportunity to get to know the offerings of different institutions through activities such as the German University Fair, held at the school, and the University Tour, in which, based on the interests of the participants, a route is created to visit university foundation courses, classical universities, universities of applied sciences and dual universities.

They also have the opportunity to live other experiences such as the internship in the German Parliament - Bundestag – or the application to participate in the Deutche SchülerAkademie (German Academy of Students), in which the skills and aptitudes developed are recognized and contributed to their strengthening.

The process does not end with the graduation of our students; we also accompany our graduates to begin their higher education in Germany; we look for opportunities, create relationships and agreements, from which they can benefit and continue, later, their link with the country and with our school.

All these activities and programs are led by the Office of International Affairs, a unit in which we have staff with knowledge of the education system in Germany and culture, and which works, on a continuous basis, to generate value for our students and graduates, strengthening interinstitutional and international relations, which contribute to the consolidation of the profile of children and young people characterized by their holistic and global vision.

Our work goes hand in hand with institutions of great importance such as the German Embassy in Colombia, the German Consulate in Medellin, the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD -, the Colombian-German Chamber of Commerce - AHK -, pre-university courses, universities and institutions, which allow us to enrich our work.

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