Our essence

Edition 27

Our essence

Edition 27



Our essence

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This was our 2023

A year of learning, growth, intense work, always striving to offer the best classroom experience. We conclude a successful year and prepare ourselves for 2024.

salon de clases
Things that make us unique

Why are we a high-quality School? We have eight elements that make us unique and add value to our formative educational proposal.

Colegio vista aerea
Building the Path

Our objective is to maintain our status as an outstanding German school abroad in 2024. We are committed to working diligently to preserve our educational excellence.

German students choose us for their educational internships

Our School is also a learning space for German teachers in training, providing us with the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment.

placa polideportiva
Sport as a vision

The new sports court is a space dedicated to sports, featuring high technical specifications, positioning DSM as a benchmark for tournament development in the region.

casa de otto
The Wishing Tree Brings Joy to 2,000 Children

Thanks to the solidarity of students, parents, and employees of DSM, in the year 2023, the Wishing Tree delivered 2,000 gifts during this holiday season.

muestra artística
Artistic Exhibition

San Fernando Plaza Business Center was the venue for the 2023 Artistic Exhibition of Deutsche Schule Medellín.

sabor a navidad
Christmas Taste

During the Christmas season, German markets and homes are filled with an unmistakable aroma

Our School is a Microsoft Showcase School

Deutsche Schule Medellín has been reaffirmed as a Microsoft Showcase School, an honor shared only by the four German schools in Colombia.

Investigating the life of Benedikta zur Nieden

Ana Escobar, a Klasse 12 student, created a documentary about the life of Benedikta zur Nieden for the anniversary of her death. We spoke with her about her interest in audiovisual content.

uso del movil
Early sexuality: trust and education

Girls and boys are exposed to content that, when viewed without guidance, can lead to hyper-sexualization. Claudia Acosta, Counselor of the Grundschule section, and Elizabeth Muñoz, Coordinator of School Coexistence, share five tips on early sexuality.

papa noel
Saint Nicholas Day: Magic and Generosity

Saint Nicholas Day, known as "Nikolaustag,"

Days of the Week

In the German language, the names of the days of the week have a cultural and etymological heritage that reflects the influence of various historical traditions.

The Value of Simplicity

We organized the trip logistics, and we formed a group of 8 graduated friends. It became the final chapter of this stage, with my best friends.

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