The environment: another classroom

issue 23
Issue 23

The environment: another classroom

Issue 23



The environment: another classroom

Context as a starting point

At Deutsche Schule Medellín, the environment is a fundamental element when teaching. We want boys, girls, and young adults to learn by doing. 

Vocational orientation at Deutsche Schule Medellín

Vocational decision is self-constructed. Family and School should be there every step of the way. 

Commitment to quality

Measuring indicators is a healthy practice. It helps us understand the perspective of our Educational Community. We conducted a survey this year that evaluated the satisfaction of our students, parents and employees.

Save in order to help

Every month, our students at Deutsche Schule Medellín, contribute to support students from other educational institutions. 

The environment: another classroom

From Kindergarten to Oberstufe, students at Deutsche Schule Medellín, learn from experience. This is a journey through those programs that educate taking the environment into account.

Generous donation

Educational institutions Esteban Ochoa and María Jesús Mejía received an important donation consisting of chairs, tables, desks, and boards from Deutsche Schule Medellín.

A graduate student is a recognized filmmaker

Laura Mora, who graduated from the school, received the Golden Shell (Concha de Oro) for her film with “The kings of the world”, at the recent San Sebastián Film Festival (Spain).

Winter sports

Skiing, bobsleigh, ice skating… The list of sports that come with the snow is long. What are the most popular winter sports in Germany? 

When I grow up, I want to be…

In our culture, we usually ask kids: what do you want to be when you grow up? And, once they get to Klasse 12, one of their main questions has to do with which career path they want to pursue.

German cars

Germany is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. In 2021, they manufactured 3.1 million vehicles.

The German language is constantly evolving

Throughout history, events of great significance —such as wars or migrations— have greatly impacted the way in which people acquire and pass on knowledge.

Our Campus is not just a school campus

Somebody recently asked us what we like most about our School. And actually, it was not difficult to think about an answer. By current students from our school (original published in German).

Our art all over the city

From October 20 until November 7, 2022, more than 700 students from Deutsche Schule Medellín displayed their works at the San Fernando Plaza Business Center in Downtown Medellín.