Our Campus is not just a school campus



Somebody recently asked us what we like most about our school, and actually, it was not difficult to think about an answer.  




Our huge Campus immediately came to mind. It is an ideal place for learning and it offers endless possibilities. When we were little, our teachers used to take us to the woods to play the “Little Scientists” role. We would learn about vegetation, fungi, and other things. This used to make classes far more entertaining and interesting. 

During our music classes, we go outside, and when we play our instruments under the blue sky, we feel even freer. The sound of the waterfall is present in those magical moments. 

The school has a lot of tables and kiosks located in green areas. This gives us a lot of opportunities to study outside of our classrooms and to have a change of scenery. Fortunately, our teachers usually allow us to go out easily and without complications. We can put monotony aside and let our creativity fly. 

The tree in the Central Park has always been a special element in our education, not only as students, but also as human beings. For years, this place was not only a geographical and natural reference, but it was also the “Tree of Wishes”. We have carried out countless recreational activities around it. 

Our Campus is not just any campus. It is a huge place that helps us learn. A wonderful Educational Community converges around it. We all feel like we belong, and we use every space collaboratively.