We teach democracy

Issue 21
Issue 21

We teach democracy

Issue 21



We teach democracy

We are our decisions

Democracy is the cornerstone of political life in countries such as Germany and Colombia. It is important for us at Deutsche Schule Medellín -DSM- to educate active individuals who can vote and make decisions using good judgement.

Responsible citizenship

It is the duty of educational institutions to prepare critical citizens. At DSM, there are different programs that talk about participation and critical thinking.

A sustainable Campus

We are currently carrying different modernizations on our School Campus. We are betting on sustainability through physical infrastructure.

Bridges across cultures

ADLK teachers -foreign service teachers- are representatives from Germany in our country. What is this about?

“We educate social and political human beings”

Daniela Correa is the Trust Teacher at Cecam in 2022. Her job is to be the link between students and the directors of the school. This is a key element in the political training of our children and young adults.

On our way to BLI 3.0

Daniel Bernsen, "Prozessbegleiter" (Processes Advisor) from the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad -ZfA- in our region, came to the DSM this March to provide support in our school development.

IB Diploma Ceremony

A total of 58 school graduates from 2021 received the Bilingual International Baccalaureate -GIB- Diploma, and 1 graduate received the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Studying in Germany

During the last weekend of March, students from Klasse 12 participated in the event Studying in Germany, which was organized by the International Affairs Office.

Quality recognition

Our School was invited to present German as a learning concept before the DaF/DFU (German as a foreign language and subjects taught in German) coordinators from German schools from the region.

Frankfurt, a melting pot

Frankfurt is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Germany. It is home to the European Central Bank, and the destination of thousands of tourists who visit for pleasure or business.

Three musical geniuses in Germany

Learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Robert Schumann, three outstanding musicians from Germany.

Video game abuse, a mental health problem

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) included gambling and video games addiction in the International Classification of Diseases Manual (ICD).

Curiosities of the German language

For those who start learning the German language, there are particularities that, at first sight, seem difficult to understand.

How do students at Deutsche Schule Medellín live democracy?

The student Paulina Dussán Martínez, from Klasse 5A, was the one in charge of creating the article to be published in this space, which is reserved for the School students.

Let friendship win!

After two years in a pandemic, everything is ready for the National Friendship Games. This time, they will take place in Bogota, from April 28th until May 7th, at Colegio Andino.