Let friendship win!



The sports and friendship party is almost here. German schools from Medellin, Bogota, Cali and Barranquilla will meet at Colegio Andino in Bogota from April 28th until May 7th in order to celebrate the XXI National Friendship Games. Besides, this year, this event is worth two because it is happening within the celebration of 100 years of the host school.

From the beginning of this year, the students who are a part of the delegation that will represent Deutsche Schule Medellín in athletics, volleyball, basketball and swimming, started training. This time, and because of the pandemic, besides the child category (Klasse 7 and 8) and minor category (Klasse 9 and 10), the students who are a part of the junior category (Klasse 11 y 12) will also compete. As William Rendón, the Chief of the Sports Area explains, this decision was made in order to create the opportunity to participate for those students who could not participate in 2020 because of the restrictions that year.

That way, in the 2022 version, a total of 48 students will participate: 24 males and 24 females. “There will be sixteen competitors in each category”, says William Rendón.

One of the challenges this year has to do with the performance level of these athletes because the pandemic and the isolation that took place in 2020 and 2021, prevented them from having constant training sessions. Ever since they returned to the School, in 2021, sports activities also came back, and they are focused on physical reconditioning, technique and tactics. “However, the most important thing in these competitions is to share with others and to create friendship bonds”, says Rendón, the teacher. In fact, this time, besides friendship, we are also celebrating that we are reunited: “for these four schools it was important to get on with this process, we couldn’t let all of those years of history go to waste”.