We recertify our excellence!


visited by the Bund-Länder Inspektion -BLI- (German Government School Inspectorate), in its 2.0 version, to re-certify ourselves as a German School of Excellence Abroad.

This visit is organized by the Central Office for German Schools Abroad -ZfA- and is a requirement of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Culture -KMK-, the body responsible for coordinating the educational and cultural policy of the federate states and German schools abroad.

This certification seeks to recognize the quality of academic processes in a comprehensive manner, as well as the administrative support that allows the proper functioning of the institution. In 2012, the first visit to our school was made and, with the 1.0 version, we were granted accreditation.

During the process, class observations are carried out - in order to evaluate their development - and interviews are held with representative groups such as students, parents, teachers, administrative employees and directors, in order to deepen in various aspects that complement the analysis of the required and delivered documentation.

Thus, after a week of multiple activities, on February 11th the inspectors carried out a socialization of the findings and results, and announced the re-certification for the School, a process that was formalized with the official delivery of the seal at the Ceremony of the celebration of the anniversary of our institution, on October 17th, 2019.

This visit leaves us with great satisfaction, as well as new challenges for continuous improvement in processes and actions to be implemented, in order to continue guaranteeing the provision of an education service with international standards and in preparation for BLI 3.0, which will take place in 2025.