Use of free time at school


by Sofía López Quintero 7D

Students at the German School of Medellín love to play a large variety of sports, such as swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, skating, and a lot more. But today I will talk about what we students like to do in our free time at school. 

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports at the school, and students here spend their recesses playing it on school campus, whether it is at the coliseum, or at the central tree or any spare spot of ground where they can play.  Students will use it not only to play volleyball but also all kinds of different outdoors sports or games.

Looking at it from my personal perspective, volleyball has been a wonderful sport to play and learn,  I have had lots of help from friends, family and sports teachers who have helped me with my progress playing the sport. Another immense help with my journey of playing volleyball has been the “Interclasses”, which consist of teams made up of each class, competing in a variety of sports and getting together to play against each other at lunch hour.

However, sports are not the only activity that students do to spend their free time during  recess, other activities like reading, playing tag, talking to friends, walking around the school, watching a sporting game between students, watching a movie  with your friends and others, are also enjoyed during recess.

Finally, the point I am trying to make is that volleyball is a great activity to do at school, amongst many other activities. Whether you are bored or have nothing to do in your recess, it is a great alternative to avoid using electronic devices or not interacting with your friends.